In English

Bananas (are politically sensitive!)

The case of the unemployed oil engineer

The door

The Duchess’ tune

Father of the man

On a jab (a transsexual poem)

The last chord

Voices from the Past

Word of the Day

In German (with English translations)

Der Froschkönig (The frog prince)

Der Hase und der Igel (The hedgehog and the hare)

Die Hüpfburg der Nibelungenkinder (The bouncy castle of the Nibelung chidren)

Mein Lieblingsrezept (Whiskykuchen – whisky cake)

Eine Kindheitserinnerung – a childhood memory

Abenteuer in Loughborough (Adventure in Loughborough)

In German (untranslated)

Der schlaue Lateinlehrer

Schneewinkelchen (after Schneewittchen / Snow White…)

Die vermummte Lorelei

In English with German translation

Gazing into the distance (for the iron men on Crosby beach)