8 Jewish melodies with Variations for flute and guitar


Many years ago I wrote arrangements of 8 Jewish melodies (which are still available for flute and guitar, for clarinet and guitar and also for guitar trio).
I decided later on to make more varied arrangements for the melody instrument and guitar duo format, and I have compiled them here.
They are based on the following traditional tunes:

Reb Itzikel’s Niggun (The song of Rabbi Ezekiel)
Papirossen (Lament of the cheap cigarette seller)
Ve David yefeh einaim (And [King] David had beautiful eyes)
Hora Ne’urim (Dance of youth)
Hora Nirkoda (Let’s dance the Hora)
Ozi v’zimrat yah (The Lord is my strength and song)
Debka Gilbo’a (Dance from Gilboa)
Bo Dodi (Come, beloved)