Anglo-Romanian Suite for solo violin (all 6 movements)



At the request of the virtuoso Romanian violinist Daniel Mihai I created several pieces for violin solo based on Romanian and English folk tunes.
This is a bundle of all six pieces:
Flung at Mallow – a quirky variation on the Mallow fling
Spic de grâu – grain of wheat, which also has a mystic significance in Romanian Christian tradition
Bobby Shafto – sung by a girl whose sailor boyfriend has gone to sea but she is optimistic that he will return
Tarina de pe Gaina – song about the land near Mount Gaina (part of the Apuseni Mountains), where Romanians often meet to perform folkloric dances
Oh no John No (the Lass of Richmond Hill) – song of a would-be lover, but the girl says “No”.
De Doi – a quick joyful dance for 2 men and 2 women
The pieces are also available separately.

Electronic preview of Flung at Mallow

Electronic preview of Spic de grâu

Electronic preview of Bobby Shafto

Electronic preview of Tarina de pe Gaina

Electronic preview of Oh no John

Electronic preview of De Doi


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