Down at the old Bull and Bush (Under the Anheuser bush) arranged for 2 flutes



Arrangement for 2 flutes of Harry Von Tilzer’s song (originally called “Under the Anheuser Bush”)
In the UK it’s known as “Down at the Old Bull and Bush”, which is a listed building in Hampstead.
A later political parody in the USA went “Down at the old Watergate”!

The pdf file contains the score at 80% magnification and separate parts at 100% magnification
The sound sample is an electronic preview.

These are the “Bull and Bush” words:
Talk about the shade of the sheltering palm
Praise the bamboo tree with its wide-spreading charm
There’s a little nook down near old Hampstead town
You know the place, it has won great renown
Often with my sweetheart on a bright summer’s day
To the little pub there my footsteps will stray
If she hesitates when she looks at the sign
Promptly I whisper “Now do not decline!”

Come, come, come and make eyes at me
Down at The Old Bull and Bush
Come, come, have some port wine with me
Down at The Old Bull and Bush
Hear the little German band
[Ach du liebe Augustin!]
Just let me hold your hand, dear
Do, do, come and have a drink or two
Down at The Old Bull and Bush