Falling is Painless for alto and guitar


Setting of four poems by Carol Batton
Carol Batton is a Manchester based poet. Her writing deals with a wide range of subjects including environmental issues and the difficult topic of mental illness. Her poetry can be sad, witty, angry and above all full of her strength of spirit. In fact, she has been described as ‘the poet laureate of the survivors movement’.

The poems are as follows:

The clocks move tonight.
Nothing moves but the clocks.
The Universe stays the same.
Then why does darkness drag in early?
Why the days go damp and dreary?

Like an unkind remark turning beauty to hurt,
the wind ransacks the pink blossom.

A new tree starting out managed the first inch up and the first inch down;
it was not to be the minority who make maturity.

A leaf clings with all it has to the tree:
Falling is painless.