Gilderoy for alto clarinet and piano


This begins a series of arrangements for various instruments with piano accompaniment
of my Folksong Snapshots
This first piece – Gilderoy – is based on the traditional English folk song about a highwayman
Watch for the cheeky reference to “if I was a rich man” (from Fiddler on the Roof)
and the hestitant moments in the melody instrument part reminiscent of Howard Goodall’s
music for Blackadder 3 (which relates to the same time period as Gilderoy)
This is the first of seven pieces for the same combinations of instruments
for each of my “Folksong Snapshots”
The complete series comprises:
1. Gilderoy
2. Bobby Shaftoe
3. David of the White Rock
4. Hunting the Hare
5. I have a bonnet
6. The Scottish banana
7. A Hoe-Down in The Ash Grove