Illusions for alto and guitar


Song based on the poem by Bluma Finkelstein
I was introduced to the poem back in 1977 in Strasbourg by a mutual friend,
when Bluma was at the University there,
and it became one of my first impressionist songs.
I have since made a translation into English (see below), but the song should always be sung
in the original French.

La nuit
à l`heure où l`obscure tranche du temps
couvre le jour
Et appelle le sommeil
La nuit je m`en vais sur les mornes chemins de ma vie
A la recherche des illusions
Je voudrais t`emmener hors de la terre
t`emporter loin sur l`océan paisible du rêve
barque solitaire s`arrachant à la pesanteur
souffle mystérieux
perçant la nappe immobile du ciel
je voudrais t`emmener hors des âges
te lancer dans le ciel fuyant
incessant effort de dépassement
je voudrais t`emmener hors de l`espace
sentir ton corps nu
trembler doucement contre mon corps
deux rayons de soleil
deux caresses éternelles volées à Dieu
je voudrais t`emmener hors du temps
et mesurer mon amour en années lumière

(c) Bluma Finkelstein

At night,
when the dark slice of time
covers the day
and calls for slumber
At night I go down the gloomy paths of my life
in search of illusion
I would like to take you away from the earth
carry you far away on the peaceful ocean of dreams
solitary boat breaking free from heaviness
mysterious breath of wind
piercing the motionless cloth of the sky
I would like to take you away from the ages
cast you into the fleeing heavens
ceaseless endeavour to outdo myself
I would like to take you away from space
feel your naked body
trembling gently against mine
two sun-beams
two eternal caresses stolen from God
I would like to take you away from time
and measure my love in light-years