Klezhorn – horn solo



This is a sequence of melodies with the feel of a
European-Jewish mix, incorporating
the typical augmented second for the hint of Eastern promise.
It was written especially for Delphine Gauthier-Guiche

The first movement is inspired by the Hora dance

The second movement is a fast
– and somewhat tongue-in-cheek –
re-telling of the sonorous attack on the walls of Jericho,
quoting the end of the famous Negro spiritual at the end

The third movement, a time to relax, is a sort of Yiddisher lullaby.

The last movement is a rumbustuous Jig, not Irish, not Jewish,
but with a little of both
– if there is a Rabbi O’Shaughnessy in the house,
he may may like to come down and dance to it!

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