Otto Ottimo – horn solo



Being a series of stream of consciousness playing
and acting scenarios for solo horn player,
using mainly the octatonic mode.
The words all have sounds relating to “octatonic” (“ottatonico” in Italian
and the horn attempts to illustrate each one in various themes,
such as the Pines of Rome theme by Respighi,
Wagner’s Valkyries theme for L’Ottocento,
the romantic Che farò senza Eurydice from Gluck for the Giovanotto
a brief departure from the octatonic to indulge in augmented seconds
for the Eastern promise of the Ottomans, and so forth.
Props required:
Music on stand, Italian dictionary,
a glass of some liquid
(preferably gin and tonic)
Pictures of Wagner, Gluck and Respighi
would also be good, but not essential.
The horn player may also wish to plant a “Giovanotto” (or “Giovanotta”)
in the audience to ogle at!