Ludhe Sing Tishu – alto, piano


Performed by Stephen Taylor (countertenor) and Jonathan Leonard (piano), from the CD Songs of Solomons

Hayfever song as a comic parody of the old English round “Sumer is i-cumen in”.


Summer is i-cumen in
ludhè sing tishoo.
Flower bloweth
hooter gloweth
all the summer noo!

Summer is i-cumen in
ludhè sing.
Ludhè sing.

Summer is i-cumen in
ludhè sing tishoo
Pollen clingeth
in the nasal
passages anew.

Sing tishoo.
Sing tishoo.
Tchoo! Tchoo!
Sing tishoo-oo-oo

Summer is i-cumen in
Ludhè sing tishoo
Breathing wheezeth
hooter sneezeth
misery for you
Sing tishoo!
Sing tishoo, noo:
pocket floweth over
with the hankies
soaked through!

Sing tish.
Sing tish …