Malgré Moi – after Jacques Prévert – 2 altos and piano


I have set several poems of Jacques Prévert to music, but have received permission from his estate for just two so far, so I am publishing those two:
1. Malgré Moi – 4 settings: for two equal voices and guitar, for two equal voices and piano and also arranged for two saxophones and piano and for cello quintet
2. Quartier Libre (Le Képi) – set for two equal voices unaccompanied (medium voices or low voices)
I would emphasise that they are duly registered with PRS for SACEM (performing rights societies in the UK and France respectively)
and that any performances incorporating the poems must be declared to the SDRM.

Information on Malgré moi
The audio sample of this version is an electronic preview (using saxophones to represent the voices)

Embauché malgré moi … Taken on, against my will,
dans l’usine à idées … at the thought factory,
j’ai refusé de pointer …I refused to clock on
Mobilisé de même … Conscripted just the same
dans l’armée des idées …into the thought army
j’ai déserté …I deserted
Je n’ai jamais compris …I’ve never understood
grand-chose …much
Il n’y a jamais ….There is never
grand-chose …much
ni petite chose …nor little details
Il y a autre chose. …there’s something else
Autre chose …something else
c’est ce que j’aime …that’s what I like
qui me plaît …what pleases me
et que je fais. …and what I do
Embauché malgré moi …Taken on, against my will…