Malgré Moi (despite myself) for 2 clarinets and piano


Instrumental arrangement, in quasi canonic form with piano ostinato, of my song inspired by Prévert’s poem Malgré Moi
In the poem Prévert claims they may have tried to recruit him to the factory or army of ideas
(ie to go along with the masses), but he prefers to go his own way: “autre chose” – the other – is what he does and what he likes.

Embauché malgré moi … Taken on,Despite myself,
dans l’usine à idées … at the thought factory,
j’ai refusé de pointer …I refused to clock on
Mobilisé de même … Conscripted just the same
dans l’armée des idées …into the thought army
j’ai déserté …I deserted
Je n’ai jamais compris …I’ve never understood
grand-chose …much
Il n’y a jamais ….There is never
grand-chose …much
ni petite chose …nor little details
Il y a autre chose. …there’s something else

Autre chose …something else
c’est ce que j’aime …that’s what I like
qui me plaît …what pleases me
et que je fais. …and what I do
Embauché malgré moi …Taken on, Despite myself…