Mister Costello – a Tribute – for alto and piano, composed by Graham Marshall


Poem and music by Graham Marshall, performed by David Warin Solomons.

Mister Costello, curious fellow,
wishing his end were near,
took to his bed, pronounced himself dead,
and drank a last bottle of beer.

Mister Costello, peevishly yellow,
following up his hunch,
picked up his bed and went out to the shed,
and downed a last bottle of punch.

Mister Costello, decidedly mellow,
certain his time had come,
stood in his bed, on his head, in the shed,
and lipped a last tottle of rum.

Mister Costello, inclined now to bellow,
cursing his likely tomorrows,
collapsed in his bed, took ten aspirins and said:
I’m damned if I won’t drown my sorrows.