Goodbye Mister Spock for alto voice and guitar


Setting of a poem by Mark Haviland

When I first fell out of love
and that was quite some years ago
I fell so hard
and it hurt so bad
but I never let it show
I pushed my feelings deep inside
and pretended they weren’t there
I thought I was a rock
I thought I was Mister Spock
And I thought that I could learn how not to care.
And so the old romantic sat waiting in my soul
Licking his wounds and biding his time
Waiting to be free as he was of old.
And now the waiting’s over
I feel free to feel once more
I know I’m not a rock
So it’s Goodbye Mister Spock
For love has opened my prison door
Yes it’s Goodbye Mister Spock
For my heart now boldly goes
Where it boldly went before.

Note the parodical quotes in voice and guitar which echo some of the 1960s Star Trek themes without actually quoting them directly!

The pdf file contains the score and parts
The sound sample is my performance from 1985