Past 2 o’clock for brass quartet (New Version)


Instrumental quartet based on my Comic song parodying the old Christmas
carol “Past three o’clock”.
The choir is having a party into the early hours of the morning and
annoying the neighbour – the neighbour takes his revenge by pulling
the fuses, but the choir continues a cappella.

Original words:

Past two o’clock,
all singin’ and all dancing
Past two o’clock the party’s in full flow …
Pity the neighbour, do him a favour:
give him some earplugs for good behaviour!
his ears are ringin’ : stones he’ll start flingin’
he doesn’t like the songs we are singin’
Sing to him gentle or he’ll go mental
he’s started shouting words non-parental
He’s pulled the fuse now, we’ll have to choose now
whether to stop and admit that we lose now
Despite that fellah we’re feelin’ mellah
and since we’re unplugged we’ll sing acappella!