The Greedy Man considers Nuclear War for alto voice and guitar


Setting of Gavin Ewart’s satirical poem in which he considers
the effects of nuclear war from the point of view of
a person who only thinks of food.

I suppose you all realize
we shall lose the sizzling sausages
and the mild mountains of mashed potatoes
boiled silverside with dumplings
raspberries and cream
we shall vanish from the pecking order
of the tikka chicken

trout with almonds will swim away from us
little lambs will no more jump into
our mouths fragrant with rosemary
All the good wholesome foods will
vanish just as surely as sophisticated dishes

And what shall we be left with?
Some assorted politicians
not very good to eat!
Some dispirited rootcrops
tinned food perhaps
ev’rything else burned up

the culture of the kitchen,
the chef’s wisdom of the ages
vanished in flame
like the bread in a toaster!

The end of eating civilization
as we know it!