Where am I? – Flute, string quartet



Inspired by the poem “Care Home” by my father SN Solomons,
which reflects an attempt to soothe the confused minds of those in care, while recognising their confusion.

Care Home
The lounge is silent for a while,
So lately shot with screams
For no apparent reason.

Or else with wrenching endless
Anguished cycles of syllables,
Semi random links of sounds,
Words drained of sense.

And all around the room are
Staring eyes in gaunt faces,
People with lonely thoughts
That ricochet within the skull,

Black holes that suck in all,
Give nothing in return
Save the passing lucid flash,
And those piercing screams.

Naked singularities.

(c) S N Solomons October 2007

Performed by Budapest Scoring:
Flute: Máté Bán
Violin I: Anna Fehér
Violin II: Bertalan Veér
Viola: Péter Kondor
Cello: Mátyás Ölveti
Conductor: Péter Illényi