Beetle’s Wings – cor anglais and guitar


This instrumental duo is based on my song by the same title, inspired by a poem by Audrey Vaughan.
Love for the Deity is found all round in nature.
The guitar part reflects some of the flitting fleeting moments of insect wings and other joys of nature.

My love for you grows beetle’s wings
Black pearls sparking firedrops
Under the low’ring September sun
My love for you sends a winter flash
Of radiant blue
Between frost silver banks
In the sunset time of January’s afternoon
My love for you blows heather scent upon the wind
And tosses the cries of flying grouse
And wings to beat a moorland sky
My love finds wind-flowers by a Cranham lane

And black bright eyes
safe and wide
under frets of golden fern
My love for you paints God across the earth

In clouds like flowers
And rain like fishes’ scales
In waters blue of sky
And birds like flakes of snow
My love sings anthems with the moon
And writes symphonies with rainbows
My love is life and breath
And breath is praise…
© Audrey Vaughan

The original song can be heard on youtube at